• How to choose the right power washing company in Hunterdon County

    It doesn't take much to power wash homes. All it requires is a pick up truck and a rented pressure washer from Home Depot. That is why there is a lot of competition out there. Don't be surprised if you see advertisements for as little as $150 to have your house washed. To select a power washing Contractor simply by price would be a huge mistake. Unfortunately, many of these pressure washing services are not real businesses. They are just a guy with a pick up truck.

    Why should you care if the power washing contractor in Hunterdon County is a legitimate business?

    Simply put, real power wash companies in Hunterdon County have business insurance. A real business will have General liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. Someone that charges $100 to pressure wash your home cannot afford to have general liability insurance. Why should you care? It Comes down to this one thing. What happens if the power washing Contractor shoots blasting water in breaks a window? What if they shoot a blast of water that damages your roof shingles? What if they use too much pressure and it damages your paint and molding? We have seen water from a power washer cause electrical fires in exterior receptacle outlets. If they have no insurance then who will pay to fix this damage?  clearlybetternj
    Why should you care if you are pressure washing Contractor has Workmen's Comp. Insurance?

    Just suppose your pressure washing technician fell off of a ladder or off of your roof. Who would pay for the hospital bills? Did you know that a homeowner could be sued? That's why it's important to hire someone to pressure wash your driveway, roof, fence or house that has proof of insurance.  find more info

    Ask for proof of insurance when talking to your power wash technician.

    Here a few things to look for when asking for proof of insurance. First, does the name on the insurance match the name of the power washing company? Sometimes a small contractor will use a copy of their friends insurance policy to get a job. So make sure the names match if you want to be protected and covered. Second, what is the date of the insurance policy? Some pressure wash companies have left their insurance expire. They may try to pass off an expired insurance policy when they show it to you. Show make sure that the policy is up-to-date. Third, make sure you see a copy of the business insurance. Some scammers have shown their car insurance policy. That is why you need to see a copy of their liability insurance as well as their Worker's Compensation insurance before you allow them to work on your home.

    Check the Hunterdon County power washing company reviews

    Don't hire someone that's simply knocks on your door asking you if you want a free estimate. You have no clue of the quality of work that they do. Instead you want raving reviews from friends and family. Furthermore, you can check for reviews on Google, Yahoo and Facebook too. Select the contractor that has five star reviews. This way you are sure that they are going to give you a professional service.
    Free pressure washing quotes for all of Hunterdon county

    We provide free power washing quotes for all of Hunterdon County New Jersey.

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    Window washing and cleaning
    Roof washing and cleaning
    Concrete pressure washing
    Deck and patio washing
    Driveway power washing
    Exterior fence washing and cleaning

    feel free to check out all of our five-star reviews on Google and Facebook so that you feel 100% comfortable with having Clearly Better LLC as your favorite pressure washing company.

    We are a licensed and insured power washing company in Hunterdon County New Jersey. We provide pressure washing services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Furthermore, we provide free pressure washing quotes for apartment complexes and HOA's all over Hunterdon, NJ.
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